Dennis and Alison Armstrong: Volume One / Men’s Sexual Nature



With this set you will discover many ideas about sexual nature and relationships from both a female and male perspective. Buy Dennis and Alison Armstrong together with Men’s Sexual Nature and save!

Dennis and Alison Armstrong: Volume One
Dennis talks with frequent Prager Show guest, Alison Armstrong, co-founder of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women seminars.

This compilation includes a total of 20 shows with Alison Armstrong as a guest.

1. Differences Between Men and Women

2. Can Women Understand Male Sexuality?

3. Obligatory Sex
Dennis and Alison discuss the importance of sex in a marriage.

4. Three Crucial Components of a Relationship

5. Fathers and Judgement
Dennis and Alison talk about masculinity, fatherhood and judgment.

6. Dealing with Anger
What happens when spouses hurt one another? What is the source of the anger? What hurts a woman’s feelings? What hurts men?

7. Taking Things Personal
Taking out the garbage – a small item on the list of marriage issues? Think again.

8. When Do You Say Enough?
About a very sensitive and complex subject: When do you give up on a spouse?

9. Men, Women and Competition
Dennis and Alison discuss the different role of competition in the lives of men and women.

10. What Makes Men and Women Feel Safe
Their topic is what makes men and women feel “safe?” They are totally different. And, as usual, men and women rarely have a clue of what the other is thinking.

11. Breaking the Code
Dennis and Alison discuss how men and women hear the same words differently and how they can get on the same wavelength.

12. The 18 Minute Solution:
Dennis’s regular guest, Alison Armstrong, renowned relationship expert, has a new theory – the efficiency of sex.

13. Expecting More
Why are men and women so reluctant to ask for why they need?

14. Appreciation Equation
Dennis talks to Alison Armstrong, renowned relationship expert, about Alison’s “appreciation equation” and learning the language of appreciation.

15. Key Words
Alison focuses on a few words that are key to a successful relationship.

16. Procreate, Protect and Provide
Renown relationship expert, Alison Armstrong, talks about our three main priorities to procreate, protect, and provide. The order is very important and leads to some surprising and profound conclusions about how men and women relate to one another.

17. Anticipation
Relationship expert and regular Prager Show guest, Alison Armstrong discusses the issue of anticipation with Dennis. We always think of wives wanting their husbands to anticipate their needs; but men have their own expectations.

18. Character Types
Renown relationship expert Alison Armstrong describes five different personality types. How couples synch up has a big impact on how they relate to each other.

19. On Complaining
Complaining bleeds the life out of marriages. Alison describes the problem to Dennis and offers solutions.

20. Happy Wife, Happy Life
A man is obsessed with two things as it relates to his spouse: what does she need and what will make her happy.

Men’s Sexual Nature

Understanding and Demystifying the Monster
Dennis offers clarity on the issue of male sexuality, which is often embarrassing for men and very hard for women to understand. He claims that it is easier for men to understand women in the sexual arena than vice versa. Dennis believes that once women understand the challenges men face trying to control their sexual instincts, they will better appreciate the decency of the men in their lives.

What Men, Women & Society Can Do With Men’s Sexual Nature
Dennis offers suggestions on how men can control their sexual nature so they do not have to forsake love and personal growth for excitement. After detailing negative choices men can make by following their nature, Dennis then presents good choices that will lead to a more fulfilling life. He also explains how women and society can make this challenge easier for men.

Pornography: What Is It and Why Men Use It
Dennis defines pornography and explains why it causes people to think so unclearly. He shows how an understanding of male sexuality can make pornography less ugly and scary. While Dennis agrees that there are no great arguments to make in favor of pornography, he counters several arguments made against it.

Adultery: What Is It and How Can It Be Prevented
With his characteristic compassion and good humor, Dennis reveals why adultery is a complex issue that can be better grasped with an understanding of male sexuality. Although Dennis believes adultery is a sin, he doesn’t believe it should automatically lead to a divorce. Dennis feels bad for all people affected by adultery, because even good people sometimes commit unholy acts.


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