Dennis Prager and Alison Armstrong: Volume 3



Dennis talks with frequent Prager Show guest, Alison Armstrong, renowned relationship expert and creator of The Queen’s Code Workshop.

This compilation includes a total of 10 shows with Alison Armstrong as a guest.

1. Good Anger
Anger makes us uncomfortable, but it can be useful if you know how to interpret it.

2. Open lines with Alison Armstrong
Dennis opens the lines for callers. Issues raised include: ho can wives avoid being self-righteous with their husbands; do women want a macho man or a sensitive man; what appeals to women voters; why are women so possessive.

3. The Emotional One
We always assume that women are more emotional than men. Alison is starting to wonder if this is true. It may be that men just control their emotions better than women.

4. Believability
The topic is: Men and women process information differently. So how can they possibly understand each other?

5. Prince into Frogs
Women turn princes into frogs. This is what is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Women often unconsciously bring out the worst in their spouse. But they can reverse this self-destructive behavior.

6. Better Off Without You
The subject: what if your spouse tells you they are better off without you?

7. Valentine’s Day with Alison Armstrong
What does it mean to be really loved? Renowned relationship expert and Prager Show regular, Alison Armstrong breaks it down.

8. Factory Installed
In between Mother’s and Father’s Day, Alison explains fundamental differences between men and women.

9. Two Key Needs
We all want fulfilling relationships. Renowned relationship expert Alison Armstrong isolates two key components and what stops us from getting them.

10. Alison Armstrong on Manipulation
Spouses often feel compelled to manipulate each other to get what they want. This leads to a lot of relationship distress. How can you avoid the traps?


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