Happiness Hours with Dr. Marmer



Dennis talks to frequent Happiness Hour guest, Dr. Stephen Marmer. He is a member of the clinical faculty of the UCLA Medical School and psychiatrist in private practice in Brentwood, California.

1.Boredom and Happiness

2. Confidence

3. How to Make a Happy Kid

4. Obstacles to Happiness

5. Narcissism

6. Fighting Demons
Dennis and Dr. Marmer talk about whether we can rid ourselves of our demons or just hope to control them?

7. Zebras
The topic today is: how do you assess people realistically? Dr. Marmer uses the unique design of the zebra to answer this question.

The subject: how do you know therapy is working?

9. Spiral Staircase
Dennis and Dr. Marmer talk about personal growth issues that recur in our lives. Each time we confront these issues, we do so from a different perspective.

10. Narcissism Revisited
Revisit a key issue to your happiness – narcissism.

11. Levels of Forgiveness
Dr. Marmer outlines three levels of forgiveness and how they relate to personal happiness.

12. Putting the Merry in Christmas
The subject: how to make and keep Christmas merry.

13. Sustaining Happiness
The only way you can sustain happiness is by earning it. Unearned rewards will be fleeting. Dr. Marmer also discusses the difference between envy and jealousy.

14. Therapy 2: Is it Working?
Dennis talks to Dr. Stephen Marmer member of the clinical faculty at UCLA Medical School and psychiatrist in private practice in Brentwood, CA. The topic is: How do you know whether therapy is working? How does the patient know? How does the therapist know?

15. Forgiveness
Dr. Stephen Marmer joins the show to discuss forgiveness, which is also his new PragerU video. Dr. Marmer believes there are three components to forgiveness: exoneration, forbearance, and release. Dr. Marmer explains the components and callers weigh in.


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